Know Your True Self™ Research Foundation (KYTS RF)

It is said that life's mission should not be only knowing our own selves but creating our own self. But for creating our own selves, we need to first know, discover and understand ourselves. And that's where knowing our true selves becomes the foundation of our constant, continuous, courageous and adventurous journey, generally called - LIFE.

Here at KYTS RF, we are committed to becoming a catalyst in the journey of knowing self, understanding and discovering self and then, of course, leading self - before knowing, understanding, leading and inspiring others around us to do the same. It's not about thinking about or even creating a change but becoming a change. It's not about living outside-in but inside-out. It's not about the end but beginning.

Inherent Behaviour Traits (IBTs)

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Heart Centered Leadership


Emotional Health & Well-being Awareness Campaign.

Knowing & Discovering Self

Making sure we are starting from the beginning – starting from self.

One-to-One Heart Centered Personal Coaching System

Unique Co-Active Coaching for Unique Individuals.

Passion / Inner Calling

Every soul is here to Live. Live to his/her best; not just letting the life pass. No age. No cast. No situation. No condition can stop us living our lives but we ourselves. Let’s get us out of our own way.