About Us

“Most of us are like snowflakes trying to be like each other, yet knowing full well that no two snowflakes are ever identical.  If we were to devote the same amount of energy in trying to discover the true self that lies buried deep within our own nature, we would all work harmoniously with life instead of forever fighting it. – William E. Elliot

We as humans are very curious by nature.

We are mesmerized by the mysteries and want to know things we don’t know. We want to understand about things which are beyond our comprehension. We want to know, find out, discover what is there beyond what we can see, hear or feel. And since the beginning of mankind, as we are curious about things outside of us, we have the same curiosity about whats inside of us. Deep within us. And to our surprise the more we are being aware of us and our deep inside, the more we are awed by nature’s omnipresence, intelligence, and vastness.
To continue the search for deeper truths about self we at Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS RF) has committed ourselves to go beyond whats obvious, go deeper and try our best to discover and understand whats already there. This is our search for truth. Our discovery of unknown. Our quest to understand humanity.
And along the journey of discovery, understanding, and truth finding we have decided to spread and communicate the outcomes with our fellow human beings with a sole motive to make their lives more fulfilling, more meaningful and more joyful.

Who we are

Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS RF) is a Research, Education, Coaching and Community Sharing, Not for Profit entity working in the fields of Human Inherent Behaviour, Energy Psychology, Mind-Body connection and our relation with Omnipresent Nature.

We invite and welcome you to the journey of core of “Us”

It is giving us immense pleasure to invite you all to join us on the incredible journey towards the core of  “us”. Science has ultimately reached the conclusion what our sages and scriptures have been saying for centuries. Everything is inside us. Everything which is happening outside is a mere reflection of what’s going on inside. The knowledge and understanding of Thought Energy (functioning of Subconscious Mind), Energy Psychology, Universal Guiding Principles (Laws of Nature) and application of these natural phenomena will revolutionize the way we live, the way we think and the way we perceive the world around us. It will create a revolution inside us at the subtle level, a Micro Revolution. And when that takes place the whole world around us looks better, more productive, more compassionate and more positive. Profits and productivity of the corporations’ increase; social, personal and professional relationships strengthen; happiness and tranquility take place. The power lies in the core.  The power lies in knowing ourselves better and synthesizing our lives with the laws of nature for a great, more fulfilling, truly successful and self-satisfying life.

Let us experience the incredible journey to the core of “us”.