Are We Blended?

We Are Blended?

Each Person Is a Unique Blend!

As you have scored your personality profile, you have found that you are unique. Probably no one else ever come up with the exact blend of strengths and weaknesses you have. Most people have high totals in one temperament, with a secondary in another temperament and some scattered traits. Some people are evenly distributed, and these are usually The  Peaceful, for they are the all-purpose people and also the ones who have the most difficulty in deciding their traits.

Let’s look at some of the possible blends.

Natural Blends

As you can see by the chart, the Popular / Powerful  combination is a Natural Blend. They are outgoing, optimistic, and outspoken. Popular talks for pleasure, Powerful for business, but they both are verbal people. If you have this blend, you have the greatest potential for leadership. If you combine your two strengths, you have a person who can direct other and make them enjoy the work: a person who is fun loving yet can accomplish goals; a person with drive and determination, but who is not compulsive about achievements. This blend takes the extremes of work and play and produces a person who puts them in proper perspective. In the negative, such a blend could spawn a bossy individual who didn’t know what he was talking about; an impulsive person who was running around in circle; or an impatient soul who was always interrupting and monopolizing conversation.

The other natural blend is the Perfect / Peaceful. They are introverted, pessimistic, and soft-spoken. They are more serious, they look into the depths of situations, and they don’t want to be center stage. They follow Teddy Roosevelt’s advice, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Peaceful lightens the depth of Perfect, and the Perfect  pulls together the looseness of Peaceful. This combination makes the greatest educators as Perfect’s love of study and research is brightened by Peaceful’s  ability to get along with people and present material in a pleasant manner. They may have trouble in decision making because they both are slow in this area, and they both procrastinate. The best combination is one in which the evenness of Peaceful’s keep Perfect from dropping into depression, and Perfect’s desire for perfection gets Peaceful motivated to action.

The Popular / Powerful and Perfect / Peaceful are natural blends. They are blood brothers.


Complimentary Blends

The Powerful / Perfect temperament is a complementary blend, a combination that fits well together and completes the lacks in each other’s natures. The Powerful / Perfect makes the best business person because the combination of Powerful’s leadership, drive, and goals with Perfect’s analytical, detail-conscious, schedule-oriented mind is unbeatable. Nothing is beyond the range of this combination, and they will be successful no matter how long it takes.

Because this blend is decisive, organized, and goal oriented, Powerful / Perfect  has the most drive and determination and can hold tight onto a cause forever. Headed in positive direction, the Powerful / Perfect are the most successful, but carried to extremes, even their strengths become overbearing.

The other complementary blend is the Popular / Peaceful. Where the Powerful / Perfect is work oriented, the Popular / Peaceful is inclined to take it easy and have fun. The combination of double portions of humor with easygoing natures makes the Popular / Peaceful  the best friends possible. Their warm, relaxed natures are appealing and people love to be with them. Peaceful tempers the ups and downs of Popular, while Popular personality brightens up Peaceful. This blend is the best of all in dealing with people. They are good in personnel work, in being parents, and in civic leadership, because they have the engaging humor and personality of The Popular and the stability of The Peaceful. Unfortunately, the other side of the Popular / Peaceful  shows them as lazy, without desire or direction and very poor in handling money. As with each temperament blend there are exciting strengths and corresponding weaknesses. 

The Popular / Peaceful and Powerful / Perfect are complimentary blends. They compliment the individual temperament qualities.


Opposite Blends

We have seen natural blends and complementary blends. Now we will look at the opposites. There are obvious internal conflicts that the Popular / Perfect and the Powerful / Peaceful can put into one person—the introvert and extrovert natures with the optimistic/pessimistic outlook. The Popular / Perfect is the most emotional of the two, as one body tries to accommodate the little ups and downs of The Popular  with the deeper, more prolonged traumas of The Perfect. This split personality can lead to emotional problems. The Popular nature says, “Lets go and have more fun,” and on the way, The Perfect nature checks the progress.

The Popular / Perfect  and Powerful / Peaceful are oppsite  blends. There is in most cases masking of one temperament on other.



Popular Sanguine
Perfect Melancholy
Powerful Choleric
Peaceful Phlegmatic
Four-Temperament Theory