Popular Sanguines

The Popular Temperament

Element: Air




The Popular Sanguine Personality

Influencing of others, SP – Artisan, The Sanguine – we call this POPULAR PERSONALITY is receptive by nature and outgoing. They are usually called a ‘super-extrovert’. This temperament is usually thought of as a “natural salesman” but they also tend to enter professions that are outgoing such as acting. They  “lead into a room with their mouth” and are never at a loss for words. There outgoing nature makes them the envy of more timid temperament types. They are most comfortable around people and does not like being alone. They are  often known as a “toucher”; reaching out and touching the arm or shoulder of the person they are talking with. This can make more introverted temperament nervous and uncomfortable.

Their energy can make them seem more confident than they actually are and their cheery disposition often causes others to excuse their weaknesses by saying, “That’s just how he/she is”. The Popular is mostly a happy person whom others are glad to have around.

The weakness of The Popular includes a lack of discipline which can be expressed in many ways – including a generally “messy” lifestyle or overeating. The Popular is the most emotional of the temperaments and can burst into tears or a rage without warning. These “bursts” are usually over as fast as they occur but this lack of emotional consistency can affect other areas of thier lives. They may be “morally flexible” and may take advantage of others via their good nature. A Popular’s tremendous personal talents can be made or broken by his lack of self-discipline.

As a parent they make the home fun. Kids friends like them the most.  They turn disaster into humour and love to be running the show.  But on the other side their homes remain in a frenzy.  They often forgets kids appointments.  They are highly disorganiseed and often give verdict without listening to the whole story.

At work they volunteer for the, thinks up new activities and look stunning on the surface.  They are  very creative and colorful and has tremendous energy and enthusiasm. They start anything with a flashy way and charms and inspires others to work. But due to their overly extrover nature they would talk rather than work.  They forget obligations, apoointments and often find it difficult to follow through.  Thier priorities are generally out of order and they are easily distracted from their job at hand.

As a friend they doesn’t hold grudges, apologize quickly.  They love people and make friends easily.  They thrive of friends compliment and prevent dull moments. But due to their attention seeking nature their tendency is to become popular.  They hates to be alone and have a great need of centre stage.  They look for credit and answers for others.

We are not ‘One’ temperament.  We are Blended. We all are Blended.

We are not of singular temperament or one inherent personality styles but we are a combination of temperaments. 

After defining each Temperament or Inherent Personality Style in ‘black & white’ we must realise that no one of us is completely of one temperament type.  Each of us is a blend of two or occasionally three types.  One temperament type or inherent personality type is dominant and the other is secondary.  And don’t forget the upbringing, nurturing, training, lifestyle and other circumstances may have forced an individual to function “off style’. The saddest and unhappy people we have seen are those who have “put on” a style that is not theirs naturally for so long that it has become a habitual way of life. And that what we call a Borrowed Style.

There are twelve combinations of temperaments and it may give you a more accurate version of your style.

Click here for those twelve combinations.


 And to know more about blends just read a few lines below.

Each Person Is a Unique Blend!

As we have discussed that each one of us is blended with two or more temperaments.  Knowing &  understanding these blends will unfold the mysteries of our behaviour, our way of working, our quality of relationship and our successful growth.

As you have scored your personality profile, you have found that you are unique. Probably no one else ever come up with the exact blend of strengths and weaknesses you have. Most people have high totals in one temperament, with a secondary in another temperament and some scattered traits. Some people are evenly distributed, and these are usually The  Peaceful Phlegmatics, for they are the all-purpose people and also the ones who have the most difficulty in deciding their traits.

Mainly there are three Blends. 

1.    Natural Blends: Natural blends are those where both temperaments are outgoing, optimistic and outspoken like Popular Sanguine/ Powerful Choleric combination or Peaceful Phlegmatic/Perfect Melancholy combination.

2.    Complimentary Blends: Complementary blend is a combination that fits well together and completes the lacks in each other’s natures. like Powerful Choleric/Perfect Melancholy combination or Peaceful Phlegmatic/Popular Sanguine combination.

3.    Opposite Blends. – These are opposite tendencies not benefiting each other. Actually, they are of conflicting nature.  Having this blend make a person moody or confused or act strangely. They are not clear about themselves and many times find themselves in a fix — the introvert and extrovert natures with the optimistic/pessimistic outlook.

There are twelve combinations of temperaments and it may give you a more accurate version of your style.

Click here for those twelve combinations.



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