If we want to understand a subject, any subject deeply we need to make sure we don’t settle or limit ourselves to one aspect of the matter. If we really want to know the subject in and out we need to research the subject in its entirety. And that’s where Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS RF) helps individuals and groups to let them have a look at the research in various fields related to body, mind, heart, and soul of the human being without being technically complex and without using difficult jargon.


Information | Knowledge | Insights

Here at Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS RF) we make sure that the insights of the fields we are researching in, should make sense to common people and they can use the knowledge and information discovered in the research in making their daily lives more significant and meaningful. We invite different views on one subject so that we can see it holistically and can know the other side of the coin too.


Research Fields

With the intention to make a complex subject easy to understand and useful to common people we are currently researching in the following fields :

we, at Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS RF) are dedicated to bringing the best of human nature out at the surface in order to make sure we live our lives at the fullest, nurture great families, build happy and compassionate communities.


We welcome all the fellow travelers on this amazing journey called life, to share their ideas, their insights and their experiences to other fellow human beings to create an environment of trust, compassion, courage, love, and happiness.



Team Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS RF)